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Silly Old Bear Blog Hop

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"Winnie the Pooh, Winnie the Pooh,
A tubby, little cubby, all stuffed with fluff.
He's Winnie the Pooh, Winnie the Pooh.
A willy, nilly silly old bear."

Let's head on it to the Hundred Acre Woods and visit with this Silly Old Bear!

And so... I took a lot longer than normal to come up with an idea... I owe lots of people lots of cards, so I thought I'd whittle down that I-O-them U pile. A couple of weeks ago, we had the SCS Junior Olympics (swimming) at Riverside City College (in Southern California). A bunch of us "officiated" (AKA: refereed), and dripped sweat quite a bit. I know... TMI... But dang it! insert word of choice here... It was hot! And during a break, a wonderful lady official went out of her way to go to the store to get all the rest of us... ICE CREAM! What a doll!!!! Then I asked her for her physical address and now she probably thinks I'm a total kook, because she hasn't gotten anything in the mail and she DID give me her address... So... I designed this card with her in mind! (in Cricut Design Space, of course!)

I've totally been trying to use/utilize my scraps! Make the most of them! Save that tree!!!! (and just so you know in case you don't remember me telling you before you can move your cut around on the mat in Design Space before cutting, so the placement is perfect for you.)
All of these pieces, even the teeny tiny ones... will go together to make my card.
OMGosh! It totally sucks when you've been way too busy to clean as you go and your table looks like this and you can't find a thing and you have to use another adhesive than you planned on and it gets so slippery...
This is how little Winnie is getting layered. I am so thankful Cricut artists are thoughtful enough to design in the lines to line up our cuts! Otherwise, I'd flippin' be there for.ever! and still never get a thing done!
And don't believe everything that is demonstrated at a srapbooking show! See that sleeve? It's already lifting up! Soooo... I used my handy dandy brayer to get it all down. Works like a charm...
until this happens and stuff like icecream slides all over the place.
And through it all together and brayer it all together and there she is all together and ready to roll! or get mailed... FINALLY!
A little close-up... Shhh... he's sleeping!

 Up next is there is no "up next"... but you can start at the beginning with Connie, as I'm the last bit. Thanks for visiting, and I hope you enjoyed your time in the 100-Acre Wood. Be sure to comment, and come back again!

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  1. perfect card for the sweet lady! great job and very cute post as usual! I always looking forward to reading your post and seeing your projects!


  2. What a sweet gesture! I know for a fact this heat is terrible and i am sure that ice cream brightened your day! This is sure to brighten hers! Thanks for ending our hop in style!

  3. What a cute card! I always love your posts!

  4. Super cute!!!! And as usual your post is entertaining!!!!!

  5. I tried very hard not to wake Pooh up. I think I managed not to disturb him while he's dreaming of ice cream. Those cones sure do look good...he graduated from honey to the real deal!! Adorable card! It was great fun hopping with you.

  6. sooooo sweet! Love love love this! Thanks for hopping with me!

  7. So cute. Now pooh has me dreaming of ice cream! :)

  8. Your card is so adorable! I would like to dream about ice cream too.

  9. your card is so cute!! thanks for sharing Lisa!

  10. Great job! I'm sure she will love it!

  11. Cute idea to make him dream of ice cream instead of honey.

  12. Such a cute card. I love your twist on the dream!


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