Wednesday, July 17, 2013

MINIONS!!! Another Pinterest Success

First off... Whew! Summer's been busy, busy, busy... and I reall do promise that I'll get to that Sea World post sometime (hopefully soon...). But for now...

Let's commence to something a little creative!

How many of you are on Pinterest? Well, if you're not already... you really should be! There are so many great ideas and links to other blogs out there. I just love it. But... it is a Time-Sucker. Yes. You will be on it for many many minutes that turn into hours, then days... You will lose sleep. But... you will have learned something, as well. And if you're like me, you'll get TONS of exercise, too! (I really pin that stuff, and feel like I read so much, that I really did do it!)
Moving on to the Minions! Wow. I don't usually do my nails... If you know me, I almost NEVER paint the nails on my hands. And if I do... I almost NEVER do anything special or crazy or very creative with them. But since Despicable Me 2 came out, I just really do love those little guys (Minions). They're so cute. Loved them in the first movie (haven't seen the 2nd, yet...), and was reacquainted with my love for them when the whole franchise just boomed out commercially again. Because... that's what our society does. We turn something wonderful and special into a mass-production commercialized industry. But... since they're so cute, I won't go on and on about that commercial-ly topic again.

Oh yeah... back on topic... MINIONS... and so... on Pinterest I found someone that gave a tutorial on Minion nails. How cute they were. I've waited over a month, but had my older daughter paint them today. I just love them so much.

And yes... some of the pictures are sucky... but I took the shots with one hand, and I'm really not ambidexterous, so get over it. Plus, it was taken with my phone, and I was trying REALLY hard not to mess up my newly-painted digits. (The 2-handed shots were obviously taken by someone else and are WAY better...)

Anyway... here they are and here are my chubby hands and deformed (from writing with a pen/pencil) fingers... Don't judge. Hope you are one day adventurous, too! And try something new!!!

and if you're interested, here's the Pinterest post and here's the direct link to Jamegackie, a Nail Blog by Jackie Post (it's really quite awesome!). And thank you, Jackie!!!! Mwah!

Hoping you enjoy Minions, as much as I do!

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