Friday, April 13, 2012

Paper Hoarders Design Team Challenge: Boni's Butterflies

So... I've been awarded another stint with the Paper Hoarders Design Team. Woohoo! And today's challenge is Boni's Butterflies... you see... Boni is a fabulous artist. She does all kind of neat-o stuff and is especially fabulous with all things steampunk. (You can see her work HERE! You'll see what I mean!) Well, anyway... Boni thought she'd be really cute and "assign" a challenge as a surprise to our head honcho. The challenge? Butterflies and joy.  What is more joyful than a butterfly, flying freely through the blue sky on a clear Spring day? I don't know... but I tried!

Here we have it... a butterfly done with Hannah Montana (on the Cricut, of course... because I have no other type of cutter 'cept my two hands and scissors...). The butterfly is custom cut in bright orange, then in textured yellow (a little bit smaller), and yellow-ish-orange vellum (ya'll know how much I love vellum, right?). I cut the wings off the body (didn't have a cut for just the wings...) for both the yellow and the vellum, but with the vellum, left a larger lip to apply adhesive and fold under the yellow wings. The yellow wings are inked with Persimmon (from Ranger's Distress Inks). The vellum... adhered with my ATG just where it touches the body, then folded under the yellow wings (to appear to float and to fly).

Then we add the glitter... Stickles in a bright orange and sunkist yellow around the wings, and a dark brown Studio G glitter glue for the body and antennae (I don't like it as much, it's not as smooth-going...).

So... I wanted the card to stand, but not be "on" something. Voila! In steps the 1/2-card! The 1/2-card is done in a vibrant lime green, textured cardstock (Colorbok), which I frayed with my new Martha Stewart shears. LOVE THESE and was so glad I finally had a chance to use them! Now... I'll admit, maybe I should have frayed the green up a bit higher... but, I was trying to maintain stability on the card. (I did/do want it to stay standing!).

Now, the pics kinda suck still... still learning the iPhone, and nobody seems to have any tips to hand out to me... so, until then, you're going to get the learning in progress. And yes... that is a cubbie... My craftroom in in shambles right now, and I can't seem to find the time to clean it up. So, since I was out of room everywhere, I simply emptied a cubbie that only had empty notebooks, and voila! a light box arose from debris of craftroom... hmm... a new type of Phoenix? We'll see. Hopefully, I'll get some time this weekend to fix it all up again.

Oh and a yeah... the Stickles were taking forever to dry, so... it'll look a lot better (less folding on the wings and more fluttering) when it's dry. So just ignore that for now.

And now, without further ado, if you'd like to join our challenge and/or see what everyone else on the DT did, please go and visit Tanya's blog, where you'll find lots of fabulous ladies showing us what they've got! and... thanks for stopping by!!!!


  1. Love your butterfly and the color choice was great.......I'm a huge fan of Stickles........cyberhugs..........Pam

  2. I really really love the orange and I think all the stickles and the vellum are perfect! :)

  3. LOVE this bright butterfly!! I love oranges and yellows.. JOY!! Thank you for being a Paper Hoarder!!

  4. So springy and bright! I love all the sparkle!!! Stickles rock! So glad to be on this DT with you!!! :)

    Bug Hugs,

  5. Absolutely beautiful!!!! Great job!

  6. I thought my butterfly was big, but had to make even a "bigger" one! Love Stickles! Can't have enough bling!


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