Friday, December 2, 2011

Paper Hoarders Design Team Challenge: Christmas Card

Yes... I know... it's been almost a month. No excuses, just no mojo, and no battery... and no... and no... (enough with my excuses already... ON! with the challenge!)

So, last year... at the Day After Christmas Sales... I found myself at Target. Going through their clearance stash and came across a couple of bolts of white feather boa "ribbon" for $1.99, marked at 1/2 off LOWEST price. Ya think they might've miss-marked THAT? And so... me, being the totally frugal hoarder person that I am bought them all up! With a card in mind... for this year...

And it took me MANY challenges to finally DO it!

So here I am, presenting it to you...  I mean... What's more Christmas than a little Santa Claus?

How did I get here?

Here's some things NOT to do:

Do not cheat simplify by trying to glitter over the red... it shows through. So, instead, glitter over a black cardstock strip, and you'll be good.

Do not try to heat emboss a plastic slide thinking it would act just like a shrinky-dink to make it look like a belt buckle. It morphs into something utterly at the bottom of a volcano. Ugh. What a mess! And a waste of my precious metallic embossing powder. Instead... Cut the dang thing out of REALLY thick chipboard, instead.

Just another note... when using a really thick "ribbon" like this white feather boa... cut slits to tuck the boa in. DO NOT try putting the belt and the buckle over the ribbon... it makes Santa more fat and bumpy than he really should be...

And another note... DO NOT WEAR BLACK WHILE DOING THIS PROJECT! Unless you want white feather fluff to show all over you... my fleecewear is still recuperating.

Hope you had a fun time and enjoy it! Now... if you want to check out the others for our December Challenge, go on... and go to Miss Tanya's blog! Leave a little love for each of our designers, and join in the challenge, too! Mwah!


  1. LOL!! Love your write up!! Hehe.. GOOBER!! This card is soo cute!! you are definitely inspiring us all!! Thank you for being on our team and for being a PAPER HOARDER!!!


  2. wow does Santa know hes Necked ? Love this

  3. Lisa, you lucky dog you to have this feather boa! great job on making the suit!

    Many blessings,

  4. So darn clever! Love your post, What not to do is so helpful to so many people!

  5. your 'not to do' thoughts. I always wonder when I'm making stuff if everyone struggles with 'duh moments' too. LOL. This is stinkin' ADORABLE!!!!!

  6. love your Santa! you did good!

  7. Love your card and your tips are hilarious! They are helpful and you presented them with a great sense of humor.

  8. Love this Card.. looks amazing!

  9. Oh the melting incident stinks! But I love the end result after you got it all figured out!


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