Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wordless/full Wednesday: Halloween,,, Present-Day

Let it be known... today is kind of wordy... and tomorrow will have costumes from the years before (the ones I made... and a story to go with it...)

Halloween was just the other day. And we had loads of fun. The kids dressed up (even the olders), and we went out trick-or-treating (tot). Went to Grandma's (Mom's) house for dinner (traditional Ghoul-ash and Mummy Fingers [cheesy breadsticks] and tot-ing , went to the "old" neighborhood after, then back to Grandma's to have our traditional donuts and apple cider, before we trekked home 60+ miles.
The "Kids" Gang... (l-r, Stacy, Travis, Rey, Marissa, & Xanny, too!)

Grandpa and the Ghouls:
Friends' house...
they go "all out!"

Marissa, kissing her favorite cartoon character... (and Rey... posing!)

Look!!! It's Colonel Sanders (KFC for those of you too young to know who the Colonel is...)
and his chicken!!!

We're just having fun, MOM!
Look at how pretty the sky is...
It's hard... but they finally got a pic of me... (with my older girls)
She passed out on the long ride home...

Remember to come back tomorrow and relive the days... of the HOMEMADE costumes, before my kids "liked" storebought.

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  1. I love that you're a goofball like that! Yay! Your friends go all out. That was cool!

  2. Love the pic with you and your girls, or and the chicken and the kernel :)


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