Friday, October 7, 2011

Paper Hoarders Design Team Challenge: The Sweetest Day

So... it's been a little bit. Yeah... I'm still here, just been busy and frustrated. My mojo's been tampered with and well... yeah... but! it's challenge time again. So you know what that means! And our challenge this week? Um... the Sweetest Day (Make a little sum sum for your honey.)... Say what?

I'm from California, so... I'd really never even heard of it. So... I did a little research and found out there's a reason I never heard of it! Apparently, (per Wikipedia...) it's mainly based in the Great Lakes regions, and was introduced as a "Hallmark Holiday". Oh! and... apparently, it's for gifts to be given to boyfriends, husbands, etc... NOT a reciprocal holiday. So... um... sweet...




I'm not sweet. I do things for my hubs all. the. time. Does he appreciate them? Uh... NO...

But... seeing as our anniversary is THIS Saturday, I thought I could do something for that and cover all bases at the same time. But I'm not giving him candy... I'm making him a full menu (Huevos Rancheros for breakfast, Grilled Paninis for lunch, and Bbq-ed STEAK for dinner). It's all his faves and things he's been asking for, so I've got the pork in the crock pot for the Chile Verde, and I'll be doing some more shopping tomorrow night.

So... (clearing throat)... I made this card to go along with it...

I'm a little corny sometimes, and all I could think of (with the lack of mojo-ed-ness here) is a monkey, and inside having it say, "Thanks for hanging around..." Granted, he's hanging on a heart (I welded two hearts together to form the card...) and there are vines and things on that heart, but it's been a jungle of 7 years (we've actually been together much longer...). And I'm glad he's made the constant choice to stay, as I'm super difficult not too easy to live with.

I just love that shiny paper... so I made the card base with it. (Heart - Gypsy Wanderings)

Then folded it a la Martha Stewart-style... bone folder and board...

Did my little monkey...
and added some flocking to his fuzzy (messy little) face.

Had to get some of those vines and leaves around... and in different colors and textures.

I "hid" the heart that came with the monkey and vines... (Monkey & Vines - Sweethearts), so I never cut it and it didn't show in my cuts, because the card base was big enough. Who doesn't have a big heart?
Hope you like it and so does he! You can join in the fun, too! Just go to Ms. Tanya's blog and participate, too! We'd love to see what you come up with!

Happy "Sweetest Day"!!


  1. Happy Early Anniversary!! Your menu sounds delish!! Can't wait to see your card!! Thanks for being a Paper Hoarder!!


  2. I love this!! and happy anniversary

  3. Happy Anniversary! I hope he appreciates all that work. :) (I know he'll love the food!)

  4. very cute card! Love the shape of it!


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