Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mama Kat's Losing It Writing Prompts: 2.) Write a poem inspired by a picture you took last week. Share both! (and SOS Challenge 5)

um... In my busy-ness these days, I barely remembered to take a photo of a card I made. Scratch that. I didn't remember, so I asked the receiver if I could "borrow" the card back to take a photo. She understood. She's my friend, and she knows me well.

Here's the card:

But of course! I went to a baptism.

This is more of a close-up... There are two foil layers, and OMG! Those were hard as heck to get. A full sheet of 8-1/2 x 11, and only those two came out all right. The others were bent, crinkled, or puckering. Ugh!

I seriously believe this was the hardest card I've ever done in my life. I couldn't think of what to do, what to say... without it sounding like a heavenly-joining-God-type of sympathy card. And it was for a kid. So... I spent more time on the poem. And then I dashed to my Gypsy, and got the card pumped out. Martha (my favorite friend... you know, the one with the last name Stewart?) helped me out a tad with the awesome butterfly punch. This is a wonderful tool that was STILL in the packaging. EEK! And so... I decided to put it to some good use and loved the intricate wings it gave me. Vellum is my friend, too, as it makes those little flutterbies (yes... I did that intentionally...!) look delicate and kinda real, no? Just stick glue on the "body" and fold them up a bit, and they look like they're flying into Heaven, itself! and it just wouldn't've (like that conjugation? hahaha, thought so!) been complete without a little bit of Stickles down the body, to make them golden.

Anywho... part of this prompt is a poem, too. Um... gonna cheat a little here, as I actually wrote a poem for the card. Seriously, it took me FOREVER, sitting in front of the computer and changing words and fonts, and such, but... I got it done, and I don't believe it sounds like "death", so I went with it. (Since the card is in cream, white, and gold... the font was in a chocolate script.)

And here goes...
Welcome, Loreli
To Jesus’ world
With your bright smile
And your hair all curled

Now you are blessed
As blessed as can be
We watched you be baptized
We came to see

We watched you anointed
And welcomed you to the fold
Becoming a part of
The Greatest Story Ever Told

Where the butterflies fly
In the Heavenly Land
And you walk by God
As he holds your hand

There are many folks who thought I might've found this on the internet. Uh, nope. I did it all by my lonesome. I always do. And these same-type folks believe I should sell this kind of stuff. Truth is, folks, I'm not that confident in what I do. In "my" world... the world of bloggers (writers and crafters and paper people makers, etc.), everyone can do this. And many do it much better than me. *sigh* It's a competitive world out there, and I really can't handle rejection. I simply do it for my friends and family, so that I can share a part of myself with them.

Now... if I knew I could make it... I'd take a chance and do it... Yeah... I'm fickle like that.

And yeah, I'm trying to get back into my blogging, my writing, my crafting, etc. Part of how I plan to do this is... CHALLENGES! and here... I fit in two birds! (um... I mean BUTTERFLIES!) Woohoo! If you're into making cards and have lots of stash (or don't...), check out S.O.S. (Shopping Our Stash) to enter into the weekly challenges and USE some of the hoarding we all do...  If you're into writing, check out Mama Kat's Losing It for her writing prompts each week, and join in! Maybe, just maybe... you'll wanna do BOTH!


  1. That is some wonderful work! Visiting from Mama Kat.

  2. Beautiful card and LOVELY poem!

  3. What a beautiful card! And the poem was really good too! I would love to be so crafty... alas, that gene stayed with my Mother :)

    **stopping by from Mama Kats
    (and thanks for stopping by my blog!!)

  4. It's beautiful, card and poem! Thanks for joining us a SOS!

  5. i luv luv the poem...

    Don't forget to add it to our linking party here

  6. Wow...I love the card and the poem. I love it when someone takes the time and effort to make me a homemade gift. It doesn't just give me a gift but a little piece of themselves as well.

    hi from MK's

  7. So touching and beautiful. I'm sure that card meant soooo much.

  8. Gorgeous indeed and lovely poem... thanks for joining us at Shopping Our Stash!


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