Friday, March 19, 2010

Fundraiser/Yard Sale for Rey's (Renee Person) Educational European Tour

To all of our friends, family and followers...

As you all might know, Rey (Renee Person, attached is a pic of her smiling face!) is now 16. And I am about to cut the apron strings and let her go on an Educational European tour this summer for Honors English. (I know... call me CRAZY!) This tour costs a chunk of mula. She worked hard all summer as a lifeguard and earned some herself, but it wasn't quite enough, so we are having a yard sale this Saturday and Sunday (3/20 and 3/21) from 7am, until the traffic dwindles a lot (when it stops coming).

Up for grabs? A set of bunk beds, a toddler bed (with bedding), a stationary bike, 2 computers (pc's - older models, but great starters or secondary computers, not sure on the specifics[includes pc, monitor, keyboard & mouse]), one computer stand with bookshelf on top and sliding keyboard tray, some kids' toys, little tykes-type basketball hoop, electric smoker, clothes (lots from a woman's closet, teenagers' closet and girls 4T, maybe some men's clothes... we'll see!), toddler jackets, some shoes, books, videos (yes, some people still have vcr's) and various other treasures... I may even have some crafting items. Come enjoy the sun and fun with us, as we sell towards our goal! (If you say you came from this email [or blog post] I just may have a cuppa for you, too!)

I'm still sorting through stuff today, but will have it all out tomorrow. Great! You'll be there? Awesome! The address? In Moreno Valley, CA. If you wanna come, email me for the addy (

Can't make it, but wanna donate? You can PayPal any amount to Rey via my PayPal. Just use this address ( and mark it as a gift. Any donation is well appreciated. (Even $5 or $2...)

Can't donate? Thank you anyway. We know times are hard, and we appreciate the thought and you just reading this and giving us your blessing. No matter. Thank you for being a friend. Have a wonderful weekend.

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