Tuesday, July 7, 2009


On the 4th, we tried to take Marissa to a small circus - the 5pm show. They informed us there wouldn't be a show due to lack of patrons. I wanted to inform them they wouldn't have an 8pm one either, as everyone would be wanting to see the fireworks. We watched as they turned away 4 more cars. They had said they needed at least 50. While we were watching, there went at least 20... who knows how many more they turned away. We got the impression they just didn't want to work...

So, here's a camel that wanted to say, "HI!" to me...
So we ended up going to see Ice Age 3D: The Dawn of the Dinosaurs. It really was pretty good with lots of humor in it. I recommend it!

Yesterday, the girls (the older ones) got their belly buttons pierced. We had a deal. Clean room for a month, age 15 or more... belly buttons pierced. Here's their piercing many. I'd show you shots, but it didn't even hurt them, so... no dramatic photos. Bummer. Not even for their scrapbooks.

I picked this from my garden this morning. Do you know what it is?It is a Boston Pickling Cucumber. Looked funny... tasted great. Too bad there aren't any more right now. We split it between the three of us. Yum-O!

Oh! Stacy's visit on Sunday went great. We hope she stays in touch now and that we see her much more often. It was just like old times... You'd think time never left us.

That's all I got for now... Toodles for now! lisa

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