Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Oh My Jonas (Brothers)!

Not being able to hear very well today, I am sitting down to write...

Last night was... uh... Can't find a word for it... I have never seen so many little girls through teenage girls screaming! I found a different world at the Jonas Brothers concert than any concert I've ever been to... and it's been a lot!

I thought I would be really nice and take my girls to see the Jonas Brothers. I had heard of them, and seen some of their videos (we do watch the Disney Channel), plus heard their music over and over again. No big deal, right?

Wrong! My first clue should have been when I saw all of the "Preferred Seating" tickets were sold out, when I went online after receiving notification of the Fair's concert line-up. (Back-track a little... the concert was at the Southern California Fair - Lake Perris Fairgrounds; free with fair admission.) I guess that wasn't clue enough for me. We planned on going and just to sit in the grandstand (of the speedway). We had seen other concerts there before and decided the "Preferred Seating" wasn't worth it... you could see more from the grandstand.

I figured leave at 5pm, concert starts at 7:30pm, we had plenty of time; it is only ten minutes away... So we went. The line for the parking lot was 20 minutes... The line for the admission was 30 minutes... We went into the Fair, found a long line and thought that was it (to get into the concert). Oops! That line was for the "Preferred Seating." I asked Security how to get to the "General Admission" line... I got a total eye roll with long directions and a description of "with about 5,000 other people." The line was quadruple-wrapped and extended at least a quarter mile, so it was probably about a mile long. I don't think there were 5,000 people, but hey! Who's counting? Certainly not me! I was told they were only letting in 5,000 people...

After a long wait and moving, fighting off people trying to "cut" in front of us... we actually got in! Yeah us! But... we ended up sitting in the last grandstand area, way to the left of the stage and couldn't even see the big screens from the angle we were at. Yikes! But the lights went out, the music started and all I could hear (aside from a couple of bass beats) were the shrill screams and shrieking of thousands of girls! Ugh!

I had to stand, as everyone else was standing, and we couldn't see without doing the same. I went to sit (Marissa is really heavy), and couldn't! Someone was standing on my seat! Thankfully, after only a few songs, the girls (and their friend, Dori) wanted to go down and meet Grandma (my mom hadn't gotten into the concert but was in the Fair). Yeah us!

And so... we left the stands for a safer (and quieter) haven, at the bottom, and in the Fair.

We had a good time after that. We got something to eat, watched the turkey races (very amusing), and saw a hypnotist show. All in all, it was fun. We got back fairly late, but it was worth it! Now, if I can only get the ringing out of my ears...
Toodles for now! lisa

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Computer Crap!

Holy Moly! My computer is acting liking a two-year-old (mine included) and throwing tantrum after tantrum!

I don't know much about computers, but I do know more than some. I have been trying to install PrintMaster by Broderbund. What a pain in the butt! I run the drive with the installation disc. No problem. However, during the installation, it tells me "" is corrupted and cannot be used. OK, so maybe I got some of the letters after the dot wrong, but it's still the same message.

My problem is... THIS IS A PROGRAM I JUST BOUGHT! NEW, IN PACKAGE!!! I shouldn't be having any problems with it. But I am!

Like I've said before, I like doing my own cards. So... since my other program was acting up, as in not even working... I bought this one. It appears (from reading the packaging) it can do so much more than my old program. Great! However, I can't even seem to get the darned thing installed! Yikes! Oh well... I'll keep working at it. Maybe I'll just switch to the custom installation, rather than the typical, as that is where the "problem" appears to be.

Toodles for now! lisa